Advisory Role

The advantage of a One Person Advisory Board for a business owner is that you will get timely and helpful input so you can address the top issues and priorities which will impact your long term results and value.

We simply try to make some additional business knowledge and experience available to you to help with key decisions and to give you a professional sounding board for your plans, ideas and issues.

We understand what it’s like to be a business owner because we have been in your shoes.  We know you want practical advice that you can use and you aren’t interested in high fees.

We work with every business owner on a custom basis.  We get a sense for how you like to operate and what are your most pressing issues and priorities. You keep control of how much you use our service and we ensure we are available when you need us.

Leading a business is a challenge facing every business owner.  We give you the specialized advice you need to stay out in front and maximize the long term value of your business.

Benefits of having a Vector 17 Strategic Advisor