What’s Up With Your Purpose?

Or how to lead your company’s evolution

As a business owner, you have the responsibility to define what your company will be about and what purpose it will have.  You will want to ensure that your company is providing some unique value and has a specific reason to exist.  In its own way, your company must make a difference and matter.

Its important to define what your company will be about and even complete some form of strategic plan.  The strategic planning will likely address your position in the marketplace, how you are allocating resources and help you adapt to market changes.  As helpful as this planning can be, this type of planning is too often an occasional or one-time exercise.  But your markets and customers don’t stand still.  So as a business owner, you need a continuous way to keep your company relevant.

Whether you are making routine decisions or tackling major issues, the purpose of your company is being affected.  By making decisions, the business owner is at the center of what is a continuous and evolutionary strategy process to define and adapt the purpose of the company.  During this ongoing process, your decisions will impact how the company will evolve.  You will control what possibilities are considered.

In tackling this challenge, you will want to pursue the best possible outcomes.  What may assist your search is a regular discussion about decisions you need to make and the possible options and solutions.  One consideration is to openly discuss your business issues with an experienced and knowledgeable peer.  Someone who can listen to your ideas and give you objective and practical feedback.  What’s important is to keep the purpose of your company relevant and realize its potential.