Business Sustainability Quiz

Business sustainability for a business owner touches on personal, financial, social and environmental factors.

Use the following questions to determine what you could do to make your business more sustainable.

  1. As the business owner, have you identified your personal priorities and objectives and is your business aligned with those goals?
  2. Have you identified the key business factors that drive whether or not your business is achieving the bottom line you need?
  3. Have you considered how much of your time that the business needs now or will need in the future?
  4. Can you continue to produce your products/services at healthy profit levels?
  5. Are you able to attract and retain employees who will help you produce the bottom line that you need?
  6. Is your company perceived well by your community and industry and is this adding to the value of your company brand?
  7. Have you addressed environmental or regulatory issues that could seriously impair the future of your business?
  8. Do you have a succession plan or exit plan that would maximize the long term value of your business?
  9. Do you have an action plan to improve your business and address your key success factors?

A review of sustainability factors for your business can lead to opportunities for improved financial results, new business growth, enhanced brand value, improved lifestyle and a better bottom line.